Forestland Grazing


Cattle and trees can thrive together when managed properly. In this workshop held in Bonners Ferry on April 9, University of Idaho Extension Forester Chris Schnepf presents an introduction to silvopastoral systems as well as an advanced class on managing trees in silvopastoral systems. Jim Church, a UI Extension Educator specializing in livestock production, discusses grazing management on forestland pastures. Gail Silkwood, UI Extension Educator in Benewah County, discusses forage management in forest environments. Kate Painter, UI Extension Educator in Boundary County, presents tool for examining the economics of forestland grazing. All presentations are available in pdf format below.

An Introduction to Silvopastoral Systems and Managing Trees in Silvopastoral Systems
by Chris Schnepf, UI Area Extension Educator, Forestry

Forestland Grazing
by Jim Church, UI Extension Educator, Livestock

Forestland Grazing: Forage Management
by Gail Silkwood, UI Extension Educator, Benewah Co.

Economics of Forestland Grazing
by Kate Painter, UI Extension Educator, Boundary Co.

Additional Resources:

Silvopasture: An Agroforestry Practice
by Sam D. Angima, Oregon State University, Oct. 2009

Forest Grazing: Managing Your Land for Trees, Forage, and Livestock
by Olivia Salmon, Chad Reid, and Darren McAvoy, Utah State University

Agroforestry Notes: Forest Grazing, Silvopasture, and Turning Livestock into the Woods
by Sid Brantly, Ecological Sciences Division, USDA-NRCS, August 2014


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