New On-Line Resource Guide to Local Farms & Small Businesses in Boundary County

online local food guide

Are you a small farmer, hobbyist, or business owner in BOUNDARY COUNTY? Would you like to be listed in a resource guide featuring our local suppliers? As part of our upcoming celebration of local foods (see below), I will be producing an online guide to Boundary County farms and businesses! It will be similar to this one in Pennsylvania. If you would like to be included, please complete this form and return it to me at

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Our Farm to Table celebration will take place at 6pm on Saturday, October 15, at the Boundary County Fairgrounds. The 5-course dinner features organic food from the GROW Community Garden as well as local beef, blueberries, peaches, and more, from small farms in Boundary County. This will also be a fundraiser for GROW, or Gardeners for Regional Organic Wellbeing, a nonprofit organization that provides organic garden plots at a reduced cost to community members, including a new selection of 30” high raised beds that make gardening more accessible to those with mobility issues. These garden plots are completely prepared for you, with fall applications of manure or a green manure, then tillage in the spring. In addition, if you rent a plot you have access to garden tools and expertise from the local Master Gardeners who maintain an herb garden there. If you would like to donate local produce or items for the raffle or silent auction, you will be listed in the dinner program. Also, volunteer help is welcome for the event!


GROW partners with University of Idaho Extension to provide gardening and pruning classes at its community garden location behind Trinity Lutheran Church on Buchanan Street. GROW also donates a significant amount of fresh organic produce to the food bank and senior center and occasionally operates a farmer’s market booth. Money raised for GROW helps pay for a part-time garden manager as well as utilities, garden tools, and the water system.


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