Am I Making Any Money With This Crop?


Here is the  lecture on this topic.

Here are some resources for calculating returns for dryland grain production in the Pacific Northwest:

Current Crop Budgets for Dryland Grain Production in the Pacific Northwest

High Rainfall Zone, >18” precipitation per year

Intermediate Rainfall Zone, approx. 15” – 18” precipitation per year:

Low Rainfall Zone, <15” precipitation per year:


Enterprise Budgeting tools: This poster explains how to use the budgets that are listed above.

Interview Forms

These forms (in Excel) help when you are interviewing growers with the purpose of creating an enterprise budget, or if you are trying to track information during the year for developing your own enterprise budget. You will have all the information you need for developing an enterprise budget if you have your completed schedule of operations plus all the data in the machinery complement. The Schedule of Operations is a list of all the operations for growing a particular crop or for a livestock operation for that year or growing season. The Machinery Complement is a list of machinery costs that you will use when you calculate machinery costs using the UI Machinery Cost program or another software. You will need to sum machinery costs over all machinery activies for that enterprise in order to create a line item in the budget for fuel, machinery labor, machinery depreciation, etc.

Schedule of Operations

Machinery Complement


Painter, K. 2011. Costs of Owning and Operating Farm Machinery in the Pacific Northwest: 2011. PNW 346. University of Idaho, 106 pp.

Patterson, P., K. Painter, N. Ruhoff, B. Eborn. 2016. Idaho Crop Input Price Summary for 2015. AEES No. 2016-04, Dept. of Ag. Econ. and Rural Sociology, Univ. of ID.

Website resources:

Crop Budgets and Input Price Summaries by Year:

Machinery Cost Calculators:

University of Idaho Crop Machinery Cost Calculator – current version 1.40 (EXE file) and other tools can be found at

Kansas State Machinery Cost Resources: Machinery cost calculators and many more decision making tools.

Iowa State Machinery Cost Resources: Crop decisions and machinery information and companion tools.

Alberta Machinery Cost Calculator: This tool allows you to calculate ownership and operating costs of common farm equipment. Use the drop-down list to choose the power unit or self-propelled machinery that will be used. When doing calculations for implements, select both a power unit and the implements that will be used.


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