January 25 North Idaho Cereal School in Bonners Ferry

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The Idaho Wheat and Barley commissions sponsor eight “cereal schools” across the state each January, providing free lunch and a half-day of updates on wheat and barley production in Idaho. The northernmost cereal school will be held in Bonners Ferry at the Boundary County Fairgrounds on Wednesday, January 25, from 8am to 1pm. Topics range from dietary benefits and misconceptions of wheat consumption to a discussion of variety trials and falling numbers issues. Pesticide recertification and continuing education credits will be available. For more information, download the flier. Call 267-3235 to register.


Gopher and Vole Control Tips and Techniques

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Can you identify each one of these pests? Take a quiz as you go through the presentation.

Crop damage from gophers, voles, and ground squirrels is frustrating and costly. In this presentation, UI Extension Educator Ken Hart helps you identify which pest(s) are damaging your fields and crops, then presents effective techniques for getting rid of them. These pests can be so pervasive that you may need a combination of methods to reduce their populations and prevent further migration into treated areas. Some of these methods require a private applicator’s license as the products are labeled Restricted Use. Care must be taken to avoid poisoning nontarget populations, such as pets and livestock.