Beekeeping Resources and Classes

Beekeeping with Blooming Apple Trees in Background

A beginning beekeeping course consisting of three hands-on classes followed by five field days will be offered through the Deer Park-based Backyard Beekeepers Association. The classes will be held three consecutive Saturdays, March 11, 18 and 25, from 9am to 1pm, at the Deer Park Senior Center, 316 E. Crawford Ave., Deer Park, WA 99006, followed by 5 field days in April, May, July and August. The course costs $30, which is an excellent value. You can register online on their website, Backyard Beekeepers Association.

The Ohio State Beekeepers Training Program includes 34 video segments and 3 powerpoint presentations, based on the on-line text book Backyard Beekeeping, by Dr. James E. Tew. Both the book and the training program are free.

Another free beekeeping program is available at the PerfectBee. This is a commerical site that sells beekeeping supplies; nevertheless they do have a free introductory beekeeping class.


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