2018 Variety Trials & Field Day Features Grain Marketing Specialist on June 28

Boundary County Variety Trials Field Day

The 2018 Boundary County Variety Trials and Field Day will be held Thursday, June 28, from 10am to 2:30 pm at Houck Farms, 5285 Farm to Market Road, Bonners Ferry, ID. The guided tour will examine the performance of dozens of new and old varieties of spring and winter wheat, spring and winter barley, spring canola and mustard planted by the University of Idaho on land owned by Houck Farms.

University of Idaho scientists will discuss results of their trials as well as pros and cons of various varieties, including yield, disease resistance, herbicide resistance, and general adaptation to different growing zones and practices. For the spring canola and mustard varieties, topics include variety selection, flea beetle control, new herbicides for canola, and disease control in Idaho.

A special presentation on marketing strategies will be presented by Brett Wilder, a University of Idaho graduate student in the Department of Agricultural Economics. With support from USDA Risk Management Education funds and the Idaho Barley Commission, Brett has created a nine-part video course entitled Commodity Marketing Using Futures and Options as a Risk Management Tool. It will be available for free on the University of Idaho Extension website, www.IdahoAgBiz.com later this summer. Brett will discuss the current market environment for our commodities, and different ways to maximize your returns while minimizing risk using common marketing techniques such as hedging tools, futures and options.

A hosted lunch provided by Houck Farms and Monsanto will be served. There is no charge for the tour. There will be two pesticide recertification credits offered for participants. Please call 208-267-3235 to reserve your spot. The field day agenda is available at https://tinyurl.com/2018VarietyTrials.


Cereal School in Bonners Ferry features updates on herbicides, variety trials, and blackleg

laptop in field
This year’s North Idaho Cereal School in Bonners Ferry, ID, features industry leaders and university researchers bringing you the latest information on weed and disease control, pest issues, and variety trial results on Wednesday, Jan. 24, from 9am to 2pm at the Boundary County Extension Office,6447 Kootenai St., Bonners Ferry, ID. The Idaho wheat and barley commissions sponsor eight “cereal school” workshops across the state and provide lunch for participants. Pesticide recertification credits will be available as well. There is no cost for this workshop, but you need to call our office at 208-267-3235 or email kpainter@uidaho.edu to register for the event. For more information, or to register via mail, you can download the brochure here.


Save the Date: 2017 Variety Trials on June 22 Feature Results for Wheat, Barley, and Canola Test Plots

Please join us for the 2017 University of Idaho Variety Trials for Boundary County from 10am – 2pm on Thursday, June 22, at Houck Farms, 5285 Farm to Market Road, Bonners Ferry, ID. Variety trials feature dozens of the latest varieties of wheat (winter and spring), barley (winter and spring), spring canola and mustard. University of Idaho researchers will discuss disease resistances, herbicide resistance, and general adaptation to different growing zones and practices by variety. Hard red, hard white, club and soft white winter-wheat variety plots will be toured.

For canola and mustard varieties, UI Research Scientist Jim Davis will discuss variety selection and canola herbicide resistance packages, herbicide plant back restrictions, and management of canola insect pests. He will also give an update on blackleg disease and control in Idaho. Lunch is sponsored by Houck Farms and Monsanto. Please call 267-3235 to give us an accurate head count. Continuing education and pesticide recertification credits will be available. Call Kate Painter at 267-3235 or email her at kpainter@uidaho.edu for more information.


2017 Cereal School topics include low falling numbers, variety trial results, updates on pests and diseases

Kootenai Valley
Each year, the Idaho Grain Producers Association, the Idaho Barley Commission, and the University of Idaho sponsor “cereal schools” across Idaho.  These educational workshops provide an opportunity for producers to learn about issues in their region, including insect issues, disease updates, variety trials, weed control, economics, markets, and other important issues. This year’s school in Bonners Ferry included a presentation on low falling numbers, the worldwide supply and demand situation and other factors affecting current low grain prices, and a presentation by a nutritionist on maximizing nutrient intake from grains as well as common wheat misconceptions. A selection of presentations from this year’s event, held Wednesday, Jan. 25 at the Boundary County Fairgrounds, are available at the links below. Additional references from these presentations are also included linked below.

Kelly Olson, from the Idaho Barley Commission, provides an update on current issues and markets.

Results from the Boundary County Variety Trials are presented, as well as a discussion of low falling numbers (LFN). What is LFN, and how is it calculated? Which varieties were most severely affected?

This presentation covers pesticides for canola, including a discussion of current chemical control options for weeds, diseases, and insects, and discusses threshold levels for spraying. Part 1  Part 2

Current worldwide and U.S. market conditions are discussed in this presentation. In addition, costs and returns estimates for 2016 are compared to a 2011-2015 baseline.

Idaho Barley Commission’s website includes links to the current grain market report as well as upcoming programs throughout the state.

Information from UI Extension on North Idaho cereals, including variety trials and stripe rust, is available here.

Information on the UI Brassica Breeding Program can be found here.

Farm Enterprise Budgets for the 2011-2015 Baseline as well as 2016 Direct Seed Budgets are available here.


January 25 North Idaho Cereal School in Bonners Ferry

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The Idaho Wheat and Barley commissions sponsor eight “cereal schools” across the state each January, providing free lunch and a half-day of updates on wheat and barley production in Idaho. The northernmost cereal school will be held in Bonners Ferry at the Boundary County Fairgrounds on Wednesday, January 25, from 8am to 1pm. Topics range from dietary benefits and misconceptions of wheat consumption to a discussion of variety trials and falling numbers issues. Pesticide recertification and continuing education credits will be available. For more information, download the flier. Call 267-3235 to register.